Women and our bags.

Now that I'm in Singapore, bags have become as glaringly obvious as flat abs and an inner thigh gap. have 2 Chanel classic flaps in different sizes. In only black. One gold and one silver. Bought both in Paris while I was living Fontainebleu and doing my MBA at INSEAD. *June 2014 edit: I have 2 more now. A hideous chained up number from their awful Boy collection & a metallic Reissue which I adore. So low key.

I have 2 Balenciaga City bags. One special edition grey felt fabric one with brown leather trims with classic silver hardware from the HK store and one Tangerine one from the Singapore store. *June 2014 edit: I have added a huge red Bal weekender. 

I have 2 Goyards. Most Malaysian women have no idea what Goyard is, it's way too "atas" for them. ;) Unpersonalised. Both St Louis. One in Black and one brown. Boring. Yawn. 

I have a black fabric Lady Dior with gold hardware. It is old and overdue for servicing. Bought in Sydney. Go figure. And I've got a classic Light grey Dior formal bag from my mom. 

*June 2014 edit: Now I have an Hermes Lindy. Yes! Me! Hermes. And the dumbest purchase: a Rocco bag. F#%£ me those stud things are HEAVY.

I have some Gucci, Michael Kors, Burberry, Coach etc but they're not in high rotation. 

I have a few LVs in classic monogram, epi leather, vernis pastel patent, murakami and graffiti. They don't get worn at all anymore as I'm way over that stage of my life. I've given 2 away to my maid. I hate it, it's tacky, tack-eh. 

My older daughter has a Kate Spade tangerine coin purse and a Chanel wallet on chain.

This post is not about bragging. It's about BAGGING. :)


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