Survived 1.5 years in Singapore so far.....

So here I am. Singapore. The Dubai of the orient. A tiny microcosm of the world. Antonia Kidman's kids went to the same school my daughter was in. That is, until UWCSEA accepted her. Familiar?

- Most expats (read Indians) here park their kids in a convenient school until the school of their choice (eg UWC, SAS, TTS etc) accepts them.

- Australian women in Singapore flock to Zara like a pack of hungry seagulls descending on hot chips. They must have been starved on a measly diet of Witchery and Country Road before this.

- I'm rediscovering myself. U am mistaken for a local Singaporean. Don't know when but I reached deep down in my childhood and out came mandarin & Singlish. Wait, where'd THAT come from??

- So now I'm a mum to two amazing girls. And I need a maid. I NEED her! She's lasted a year with us and it's a learning curve for me. I'm not a typical expat employer. No way. And dealing with these crazy filipina's emotions, argh.

- I turned 40 quietly. Peacefully and uneventfully. Just the way I like it.

I know that my new life is a world away from my old life in Sydney. But life is an amazing rollercoaster. Here's to what's around the next corner.


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