Types of Singaporean Men.

So I haven't dated any Singaporean male in the last 10 years my husband and I have been married and the 3 years we were together before that. I have many of them as friends, relatives, colleagues, associates, etc though. And most of them are good people. But would I marry any? Would I allow my daughters to marry any? NOOooOo. Here's why:

1. They all go through the army. The pseudo ah-boys to men process. Yes it creates the illusion that they're more resourceful than they really are, just cause you go camping & bootcamp, rough it out for a year in their soft, overprivileged lives. They think they're oh so much tougher & so much more capable than women. Just listen to these wankers with their army stories. Bitch puhleeeze.

2. They fall into 2 big major categories: The Kiasu/kiasee nerd and The Ah Beng.
One is so risk averse, safe & gutless that you may as well marry a cardboard cutout. The other is so over the top in everything that you'd be too embarrassed to be seen in public with him. The smaller categories are the rich spoiled man-princess, the banana, the angmoh who baaaaadly wants to be Singaporean (or just get Singaporean booty), the man who thinks he's just beautiful just because he's just above the average male (and the average is set so LOOOOW). There are the half angmohs who get all the ugly chick booty & and they're drowning in the offered up booty. Avoid all these too. 

3. Gutlessness. Years and years of groupthink will do that to you. 

There are of course, exceptions to the stereotype & variations in the spectrum of conformity to the stereotype. Hard to find these men, but they're worth it. 😘


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