Aging parents

Tan Sri & Puan Sri (for those who are not in the know, those titles are equivalent to Lord & Lady) will be hitting their 70's very soon. How do you age gracefully? 
For my parents, they've been spending a lot of time in this particular clinic in Switzerland called The Paracelsus clinic. Stem cells injected here & there. Came back with an entire pharmacy. 
They also bought out the penthouse next door for my brother, his blood sucking fat leech wife & their 2 nerds. Why? Because he's a son. So that's the way it is. Despite all those years of claiming things were fair, it was THIS way all along. 

My sister and I have far more successful careers & families. My brother is dependent on my Dad for contracts, recommendations, business, etc. 
And his wife loves it.

My sister and I contribute most $$$$ anything for my parents and my brother does fuck all except take & take. I hate hearing his wife scream & cry back in the day when he was cut loose & told to earn his own fucking living. Now that she lives in luxury thanks to my Mom & Dad, she still does not STFU. 

This is sad. Not a lot of time left with my parents. And THIS is the way it is.


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