Closeted Indians who insist they're Americans.

My daughter has been friends for about 2 years in an International school with an American girl from New York, Whose parents are Indian. Meaning that they were born in India & went to the USA for college. I got to know the girl's mom, who moved to The US with her parents from India when she was a teenager. Her parents are from Tamil Nadu & they're muslim. The girl's father, is from Kolkata/ Bombay, his parents sent him to college in the US. Anyway- like many Indians in the US they both went to ivy league schools etc etc and they work in big consulting firms. Etc etc.  

This 9yr old girl's father will not allow her to go to any sleepovers in other people's homes. This girl is not allowed to eat pork because her mom is muslim. But the girl insists she's american. She can't speak any Indian language, can't eat any Indian food. This is something that her father is very proud of. That his daughter is AMERICAN. The girl's mom, gushes over husband a LOT. That he belongs to a certain caste starting with a G that only boasts 7 families in the whole wide world. She freaked an American woman who is married to an Indian guy (from the same caste) when she approached him and said "Oh hey I was just looking at the class list and I saw your surname" casually. So what is it with this caste shit if you're so AMERICAN, then? 

People from Tamil Nadu can be lower castes, to my limited knowledge. And there's no way a son from a Kolkata high caste (7 only in the whole wide world) family will ever marry a muslim lower caste Tamil Nadu born woman UNLESS she could give him the US citizenship that he SO desires. HE SO WANTS THAT! So motherfreaking obvious! Stop embarrassing yourselves, Indian men! You guys can't get any more blatant.

This girl is in denial that she's muslim.Her Mother has never told her why she can't eat pork. She has no idea why she doesn't speak her parents' language or no idea what India is all about. Shame. That is a shame. But I'm thinking that her parents must be ashamed of a lot of things, too, right?


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