"I need you to help me improve my Chinese."

I met this fellow expat wife from Brazil. Thinks the sun rises & sets in the Americas. Especially the USA. 
She's new to Singapore & wants me to help her with her Chinese. My Chinese isn't great, but I can speak it fluently. We went to lunch and she says to me "all you asian women are so CUUUTE!" and "your English is so good! How did your family get the money to send you to Australia for your education?" And "Why Australia? It's just too near!" 
Well, you get the picture. 

BUT I feel as if she's insulted my intelligence. Am I being too paranoid here? 

Last week, we expats in Singapore were humbled to see how Singaporeans mourned & grieved the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. It taught us so much. 

But occasionally we get idiots like this Aussie guy who lives in the prosperity that Singapore provides (read: jobs. Something you don't get in Straya at the moment), yet does that Aussie whingeing shit. 

Don't like it here in Singapore? Go home then, mate. Go back to where you belong.


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